Wool, acrylic, cotton canvas
A collaboration with the Aberdeen community to create a bright, meaningful fibre mural as part of the VictoriArt Road Mental Health Walk, launched in 2019. It is the first outdoor fibre mural in the UK. People were invited to visit the studio space I was working at to tuft their own part of the mural. Sanctuary has been installed at Victoria Carpets in Torry since September 2019.
The pattern was made up of abstract shapes formed by the repetition of a ‘horizon line’ taken from the Torry Battery, which has acted as a sanctuary for birds, people and military - and is now undergoing a period of regeneration.  At the top left, the blues and greys represent where the sky meets the sea; the greens bottom right representing the nature surrounding the Battery. The vibrant colourful shapes - all different and unique - represent the people of Torry, their history & culture.
Two other murals by KMG and Isla Valentine Wade make up the Mural Health Walk.
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